privacy policy

To protect users’ personal information and handle related issues in a quick and proper fashion pursuant to Article 30 of the Personal Information Protection Act, contact us (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”, develops and discloses Privacy Policy as follows:
○ The Privacy Policy comes into force on June 1, 2021.

Article 1. Purposes of Handling Personal Information

The Company handles users’ personal information for the following purposes. It shall not be used for purposes other than originally intended. If such purpose is amended, necessary actions such as getting separate consent in accordance with Article 18 of the Personal Information Protection Act shall be taken.

  • 1. Membership Signup and Management

    To check a user’s intention to sign up; user identification & authentication for the provision of membership services; membership maintenance & management; to prevent unfair use of the Services; various notifications

  • 2. Handling of Civil Petitions

    To verify a civil appealer’s identity; to check civil petitions; notification for investigation of facts; notification of results

  • 3. Provision of Goods or Services

    To provide the Services/contents and customized services

  • 4. Marketing and Advertisements

    To develop new services (products) and provide customized services; to provide promotional and advertising information and offer an opportunity to participate; to analyze login frequency or statistics on the use of the Services

Article 2. Personal Information Handling and Retention Periods
  • 1

    The Company shall handle and keep users’ personal information within the personal information retention & use periods in accordance with the duration agreed by the information owner at collection of such personal information or related laws.

  • 2

    Specific personal information handling & retention periods shall be as follows:

    1. Membership Signup and Management
    Personal information concerning the Membership Signup and Management shall be kept and used for the purposes mentioned above from the date agreed to its collection and use to membership withdrawal. Ground for retention: Intermediate trade services Related law: Contract or subscription withdrawal-related records – 5 years Reasons for exception:
    2. Marketing and Advertisements
    Personal information concerning the Marketing and Advertisements shall be kept and used for the purposes mentioned above from the date agreed to its collection and use to membership withdrawal. Ground for retention: Improvement and advertisement of the Services Related law: Labeling/advertisement records – 6 months Reasons for exception: Unused unless agreed

Article 3. Information Owner’s and Legal Representative’s Rights & Obligations and their Exercises
  • 1

    The information owner is authorized to exercise the following rights concerning the protection of personal information against the Company anytime: Request for access to personal information, request for correction when any error or misstatement is found, request for deletion and request for the suspension of processing.

  • 2

    The rights under Paragraph 1 above can be exercised by email/fax or in writing pursuant to Paragraph 1 of Article 41 of Enforcement Decree of the Personal Information Protection Act, and the Company shall take a necessary action without delay.

  • 3

    The rights under Paragraph 1 above can be exercised through a legal representative or by proxy. In this case, a power or attorney shall be submitted according to the Annex Form #11 of the Announcement on Personal Information Handling Method (No. 2020-7).

  • 4

    Concerning a request for access to and suspension on the handling of personal information, the information owner’s rights can be limited pursuant to Paragraph 4 of Article 35 and Paragraph 2 of Article 37 of the Personal Information Protection Act.

  • 5

    If a request for the rectification and erasure of personal information is specified in other laws, it shall not be made.

  • 6

    If there is a request for access to, revision/deletion and suspension on the handling of users’ personal information, the Company shall check if the requester is an authorized person or representative.

Article 4. Items to be Handled
  • 1

    The Company handles the following personal information:

    1. Membership Signup and Management
    Required information: Email address, mobile No., password, name, office phone number, firm name, cookie Option:
    2. Marketing and Advertisements
    Required information: Email, mobile No., firm name Option:
    3. Handling of Civil Petitions
    Required information: Name, firm name Option:

Article 5. Destruction of Personal Information
  • 1

    Once the purposes of personal information are accomplished or its retention period expires, it shall be destructed immediately.

  • 2

    If required to keep protecting personal information pursuant to other laws even though its retention period has expired or purpose of its handling is achieved, such personal information shall be moved to separate database or kept in a different place. 1. Legal grounds: 2. Personal information to be kept: Account information, date of transaction

  • 3

    The personal information destruction procedures and methods are as follows: 1. Destruction procedures The Company shall choose target personal information and destruct it after getting approval from the Chief Privacy Officer. 2. Destruction methods The data in an electronic file format shall be destructed in a non-restorable fashion. Printouts shall be destructed through shredding or incineration.

Article 6. Safety of Personal Information
The Company takes the following actions to keep users’ personal information safe and secure:
  • 1. Regular Internal Inspection

    The Company performs an internal inspection on the handling of personal information regularly (quarterly) to keep it stable.

  • 2. Technical Measures against Cyber Crimes such as Hacking

    The Company installs security programs and inspect and update them regularly to protect users’ personal information from hacking and computer viruses. It has established a system in an area which is strictly isolated from the outside and monitored it technically and physically.

  • 3. Encryption of Personal Information

    Concerning the protection of users’ personal information, their passwords are encrypted. Regarding handling of important data, files and transmitted data are encrypted or locked, using separate security features.

  • 4. Restrictions on Access to Personal Information

    The Company has taken necessary actions to control access to users’ personal information by granting, changing or cancelling their rights to get access to personal information database. It has also regulated unauthorized access from the outside through an intrusion prevention system (IPS).

  • 5. Locks for Document Security

    The documents and storage devices including users’ personal information are kept in a safe and secure place with a lock.

Article 7. Installation & Operation or Refusal of Automatic Personal Information Collection System
  • 1

    The Company uses a cookie that contains and, on occasion, loads information of the users to provide personalized and customized services.

  • 2

    A cookie indicates a small text file stored on the hard disk of a user’s computer, which is sent to the user browser by the website server (http). A) Purposes: The Company uses cookies for automatic login only. B) Installation & Operation or Refusal of Cookies: Uses are able to refuse the storage of cookies through ‘Tools’ > ‘Internet Options’ > ‘Privacy’ on top. C) If you refuse to install cookies, there might be some difficulties in getting the services.

Article 8. Amendment of Privacy Policy
  • 1

    The Privacy Policy comes into force on June 1, 2021.