Remittance receipt
Support new business formats, models, and diversified collection and exchange settlement needs for foreign trade
From a compliance perspective
Domestic and foreign licensed institutions, domestic and foreign fund security compliance
From an operational perspective
PC background, mobile mini program, easy to operate
From a cost perspective
Zero account opening fee, zero maintenance fee, no individual account cost, second settlement, no refund
Collection in mainstream currencies such as US dollars, British pounds, euros, Hong Kong dollars, Japanese yen, Australian dollars, New Zealand dollar, Canadian dollar, Singapore dollar and offshore RMB
Real time exchange rate, online query, transparent exchange rate, no hidden exchange loss
Cross border e-commerce, foreign trade B2B, foreign trade SOHO, foreign trade factories, online stores, wholesale market stores
International double clearance freight forwarder, freight forwarder COD, international express package, logistics aggregation platform, cross-border finance and taxation, and foreign comprehensive service enterprises
Account with the same name
Can open accounts with the same name both domestically and internationally for customers
Supports 7 * 24 hour cash withdrawal operation, with the fastest real-time receipt
Huiyuan Cross border Compliance Solves Global Payment Issues
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Huiyuan Cross border has complete qualifications for domestic and cross-border payments