Remittance payment
Support WeChat, Alipay, quick payment, withholding and other Internet payment methods
You can access payment by typing a few lines of code, providing a simple and smooth operating experience. It supports multi-channel payment and collection, making payment and collection easier
Multiple data encryption, strict control of access permissions, ensuring transaction security, statistical analysis of system operation status, and anytime, anywhere viewing of system operation status
Channel products such as payment and collection, profit sharing, and authentication, and provide customized payment solutions for enterprise level customers
Safe and secure
Diversified risk control, blacklist, transaction restrictions, and night protection
Dynamic SMS verification, transaction result SMS notification
7 * 24-hour risk control team, efficient and real-time problem-solving
More efficient service
Quick access, network access, testing completed in one day
Can provide professional transaction data mining and statistical analysis services
7 * 24-hour online help for customer service, operations, and technical support
Support for multiple banks
No need to open online banking, supporting 78 mainstream credit card and 66 debit card banks
No need to install the client, no need to register, supports bundled card payment
Advanced API interface mode, allowing merchants to enjoy maximum payment freedom
Huiyuan Cross border Compliance Solves Global Payment Issues
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The operations team will contact you as soon as possible
Huiyuan Cross border has complete qualifications for domestic and cross-border payments